But wait there’s more!!! Juice Plus+ not only makes they best product out there, but they are committed to helping the entire family get healthy! When you as the parent orders withe the capsules or chewables (which you should…you probably need it the most. Just sayin’) you can sponsor a child to receive Juice Plus+ for free for up to four years.

The best part, their definition of child includes children or teens between the ages of 4-18 years or a full-time, undergraduate college student. Talk about GENEROUS!

There are just a few stipulations (although I would hardly call them that). The children’s health study products will be shipped to the sponsors delivery address, the sponsor covers the shipping (which is only 3 times a year) and they agree to fill out a short periodic survey tracking the health changes in themselves and the sponsored person.

So by now, I am pretty sure you understand why I chose Juice Plus+! If you have any questions or want to get your hands on this amazing product drop me a comment, email me or find me on FaceBook or Instagram. My passion is helping others get healthy and that doesn’t stop with you!